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When I first drew the "no man but my husband" gag I managed to forget between the sixth and eighth panels that the whole point of the exercise is that Isolde's hands are bound. This version of the eighth panel actually appeared on the website for about sixteen hours before I realized the mistake and corrected it.

This cartoon was originally written for the end of the first contemporary arc week, but despite some waffling was never used because it's a spoiler for the first anniversary revelation (assuming Arthur, King of Time and Space had any readers who didn't already know this).

I participated in
the Webcomic Telethon for hurricane relief in September 2005. (Recognize the reporter?)

When I first started drawing the sleeper ship storyline, I remembered that Guenevere was away from Excalibur at the time - but I forgot that Lancelot was with her. Here's
the first installment of that story before I digitally replaced Lancelot with Tristram. (After I'd replaced Lancelot with Tristram in the first three installments, I remembered Tristram had gone to Camellaird too. I was, unusually, working ahead (against a trip out of town); so I could have fixed it again no one the wiser, at least no one who doesn't read the extras page. But at that point I just decided Tristram had returned to Excalibur even though Lancelot, as Queen's Champion, hadn't.)

Often when otherwise stumped for a gag for the day, I'll swipe a gag, and remove it, from the fanfiction Dailies archive. Usually this entails substantial rewriting, recasting, etc. The two cartoons below are remarkable, I think, not in how much was changed but in how much wasn't changed.

AKOTAS version

AKOTAS version

The first time I was solicited for a guest strip by another webcomic was by Ferrett Steinmetz' and Roni Pare's Home on the Strange.

I participated in the 2006 Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards ceremony (even though I don't participate in the WCCA process because of a prejudice that is uniquely mine and no fault of theirs, described here).
I did this in Flash instead of in MSPaint. You dress up when you go to these things.
(The actual winner announcement is in the text of the ceremony site page where this strip appears.) (It was Inverloch.)
The second time I was solicited for a guest strip by another webcomic was by David Morgan-Mar's Irregular Webcomic!. I was going to write a fantastic crossover gag between his comic and mine, on the hook that both umbrella multiple timezones, his with different characters in each and mine with the same characters in each; and how the recent time traveling plot in his allowed his characters to realize that about mine when my character's don't. But I couldn't think of a premise for a punchline to hang it on. So instead I called on another artistic preference we share and and drew a pun.

John Troutman of divers previous webcartoon efforts was solicting guest strips for LitBrick, where he riffs weekdaily on the works collected in the Norton Anthology of English Literature. The drill for guest strips at LitBrick is for the guest artist to riff on a favorite book of their own. I contrived to draw a crossover.
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