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11/19/15 [pinned] Navigation Guide

There is now a comic strip page navigation tutorial that is probably more useful than the verbal navigation guide below in the entry dated 4/14/15.


Some Firefox users are getting the message "The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website." I contacted support at my hosting service this morning and the support chat tech said they couldn't confirm the issue and it's not their server. If it happens to you, please email me a screenshot at, as I didn't realize it was going to be a Thing when it happened to me, not till a reader contacted me. You can get around it, if you're comfortable, by clicking on "Advanced" and adding the exception. I'll be putting this notice on the site's About page (where unfortunately you won't see it if you get the error and aren't comfortable adding the exception or don't know to), and on the Three Faces Tumblr, and linking that from my Twitter which, I'll remind you now, has been where I've always told readers since the AKOTAS days to look for site news if you can't reach the site.
UPDATE 2/8/18
I did confer, converse, and otherwise hobnob on Tumblr about this and I think I may have resolved the issue. If you've encountered the problem before now and continue to do so please let me know, so more elaborate measures may be taken.


This summer's project was going to be something requiring edits to HTML for every panel and every screen, and not just modifying existing code but some creative writing too (in contradiction of what I wrote about it at the beginning of the summer). Unfortunately, well, do you remember each time in three years I've written on this About page how this time was the last time I was ever again going to do anything that required editing every single cartoon page on the current archive in a lump? There are more than seven hundred pages now, with cartoons running from one to over twenty-six panels, and that's finally retroactively true for whenever was the last time I wrote it. I'm not even going to say what the new thing was because I'm ashamed of myself for dropping the ball. But that innovation is going to have to wait for my next full format reboot.

Something I did do over the summer was discover that, if I have nothing to draw during the workday, I have nothing to think about except stuff that makes me angry. Many workdays I uploaded a sketch dump to the Hero of Three Faces tumblr. These are much more freeform even than the sketches that appear here on the main site itself, which are (or at least are meant to be) constrained to the surrounding comic strips' continuity.

Plus I created a tag at the Hero of Three Faces tumblr for Arthur, King of Time and Space drawings and commentaries over there that don't appear here, and linked to that from the main AKOTAS index page. (As I've written here before, there's Hero of Three Faces commentary there too.)

Anyway, the season premiere's up. At this time there's a buffer of half a dozen cartoons whose files have active page filenames assigning their running order. And there are more'n a dozen cartoons buffered under dummy filenames so, after the ones with real filenames have run, I can run the dummies whenever I want. Including not at all, on a day I think of a new gag I like enough to run right away. I've been getting back into training the past two weeks and drawing at least one most days and jonesing for the classic instant gratification of updating with a joke that hadn't been written when I woke up. I'm not gonna give Howard Tayler or David Willis a run for their money in buffer count anytime soon, but prospects of The Hero of Three Faces missing a day in the foreseeable future are slim.


Like last year, during The Hero of Three Faces's annual summer hiatus there will be reruns posted on the front page in no particular order on no particular schedule. As always, the way you can tell a rerun on the front page is when the "next" and "last" Production Order links are live.

I'll be working on a summer project like I did last year as discussed at the time, but like last year I'll be keeping you in suspense regarding its nature just in case like last year it doesn't in the end get done. This isn't a creative project, however, it's a site feature; if it goes bad it'll be due to some logistics issue not adequately taken into account instead of a failure of creative focus. So there's that.


Running some numbers in my spreadsheet this week, I discovered cartoon batc updated 3/14 was the 1500th Hero of Three Faces update. Maybe not a script I would have chosen on purpose for a landmark, but it is one I like a lot for the Doctor getting dressed down for his privilege. Not even my favorite hero and sometime author avatar is immune from callouts in my cartoons. So there’s that.


Today's cartoon, like the one about Borg with time-travel, is an adaptation to comic strip of the cold open of one of my Usenet-era prose crossovers. The Borg story is here and the EMH story is here.

The EMH story was the summer project I was so enthusiastic about at Tumblr until I had drawn some of it. It would have been a full adaptation, at a guess at least a hundred panels long and even with a main title sequence. I got up through the scene with the flashback to Captain Kirk and Doctor Two (not included here), but once the rest of the story was all courtroom scenes I seemed to lose interest. I'd picked that story because it was the one that got the most comments on Usenet in my history of posting there, and because the issues it raises (which were what the comments were about) are ones that I felt the sourcework had dropped the ball on, and because those issues are metaphorical for the civil rights issues in which I've only grown more interested since I wrote that story. Ordinarily I love courtroom drama, and my Usenet crossovers with courtroom scenes are among my own favorites. But apparently my hindbrain thinks they'd be dull to draw. Posting this condensed version of the scenes I did draw must mean I've given up on completing it. Perhaps one summer I'll pick an old story that's got more action, or write a new story that's actually set in the Hero of Three Faces multiverse instead of the universe of my Usenet crossovers, or adapt one of the King Arthur legends that never made it into AKOTAS; and try again.

But when I thought I was going to draw the whole story this summer, I meant it as a special project for Star Trek's anniversary year. It hasn't turned out to be that. So here's this version of it, uploaded on the anniversary.


Last year for the Hero of Three Faces summer hiatus I linked reruns daily from the main site front page, the just-ended season's gags in chronological order, because it came to three months. This year I decided that was too much work for a summer break. Also there were about twice as many cartoons this year (yay), so daily reruns woulda lasted till December. This year the main site'll be posting reruns in no particular order on no particular schedule. I'm not even going to keep track of which ones I've already used, so you may just see my dozen or two favorites over and over, except I don't expect to be changing them often enough for there to be dozens of repeats in three or four months. Again, the way you can tell a rerun is when the front page's Production Order "next" and "last" links are active. Or when this notice hasn't been removed from the front page, whatever.


All cartoon panel screens should now have captions naming and sourcing each appearing character as they enter the cartoon, meaning in most cases the first panel of the cartoon. The captions appear below the image file on the screen and some image files are taller than others, though, so depending on your screen size or resolution you may need to scroll down a bit to see the caption.

I was looking over previous entries on this About page today and I noticed quite a few of them discussing changes which required editing every cartoon page and concluding with a statement that I'm not doing that again. I think I'll refrain from tempting fate that way any more.


I've long been cognizant that perhaps the greatest obstacle to my fanfiction cartoons becoming wildly popular is their inclusiveness. Anything I watch or read can become pun or continuity-fix fodder. Only a hypothetical someone who reads the same stories and watches the same shows and sees the same Tumblr posts I do, and can identify all the characters in my drawings, would understand every single joke let alone think it was funny.

Hence the Three Faces cast list, which I updated this week up through cartoon baig. But that thing is large and unwieldy. If you hadn't any idea the sourcework for the characters you were trying to identify and it was near the bottom of the list, your eyes would probably glaze over before you found it. The cast list is not the solution to the problem it was created to solve.

Today I had the idea that I think will solve that problem. I'm going to go through every strip linked from the post-2014 archive page, in production order, and I'm going to create captions identifying all characters in the first panel where they appear for every cartoon. All new cartoons from now on will also have these captions, starting with bajh today.

I don't know when I'll start this or how long it will take. I may not finish it up till this summer's production hiatus. I may not start it till then. But once it's done it should help. And once it's done for all existing post-2014 cartoons and new cartoons can have it done in realtime, I get to stop updating the frakking cast list.

I still don't expect Three Faces to become wildly popular, but hopefully unintelligibility will be greatly reduced.


I've now made a pass from the beginning to the end of the Hero of Three Faces pre-2014 archive, for importing all pre-2014 cartoons to the post-2014 archive that I want to retain in the post-2014 continuity. It may be that there are some left out that in the future I will change my mind about. Also, I don't think I ever completed the pass I started years ago on the cartoons on my original fanfiction site, and I may go back and look that over again sometime. But the greater portion of importing is done, with a total of 173 out of 999 pre-2014 Hero of Three Faces cartoons now included in new continuity. Look at the current archive without clearing your browser for any imports you may have missed.


I don't know why I can't seem to draw anything with dialog since three or four weeks ago. The most likely culprit is the overtime at work, or else it's a coincidence of timing. If that's the case though then this interregnum of sketches is going to last quite a few more weeks. I hope animating them offers added value.


The chronological order index on the archive page now also has a breakdown by sourcework, like the production order index does. If you make use of the existing sourcework index you might like to check out the new one and/or check out the old one again, because compiling the new one revealed some omissions and errors.


Note that this page is for general announcements and not commmentary on individual strips. Note also, though, that the reason this page isn't for individual commentary is that it was predated by the Tumblr blog heroofthreefaces where, amongst other fannish and non-fannish content, from which each new Three Faces cartoon is linked at 16:00 Central US time the day after it premieres here. When there is such strip commentary, that's where it appears. The tumblog is linked from the front page here.


No one said anything so I presume it didn't inconvenience anyone, but I noticed yesterday that I'd gone nine new cartoons for the fall season without adding links for them to the Archive page. That's embarrassing. Oh well, fixed now.


August 17 is the anniversary of the day I consider the founding of my internet fanfiction universe(s), the day in 1997 when I started posting new material regularly, with summer breaks; at the time, weekly chapters of Doctor Who/Star Trek crossovers on alt.drwho.creative and alt.startrek.creative both. It's also the anniversary of the day last year when my wife passed away, an hour or so after I wondered online whether I ought to start the new Hero of Three Faces cartoons season that day as planned or wait till my life settled down again; knowing, even as I speculated aloud, what that would mean. The Hero of Three Faces season started the next weekend. This year's Hero of Three Faces season premier (and probably every subsequent season premier) will update August 17 featuring the Doctor in his tenth incarnation and Rose Tyler, the characters who made my favorite tv show into her favorite tv show. It may go up anytime after 12:01 am GMT, even though I usually go by CDT with Three Faces, because season premiers bring out my enthusiasm; but it may not go up right at 12:01 because I'll be traveling the 16th. After that there are nine more ready to go at this writing which I will probably upload daily in order not to have to edit tentative posting dates already entered in my spreadsheet.


During this year's annual summer hiatus, starting around the beginning of May, reruns will be presented on the main page. The 2014-2015 season, less sketch days, will be reprinted in chronological order, updating between 00:00 and 06:00 GMT daily. (The tell for a rerun on the front page is when the Production Order "next" or "latest" links are active.) Also as always there will probably continue to be old continuity cartoons added to the new continuity archive, so check the archive page occasionally for unclicked-color links.


Notes on general navigation, since I'm advised it may not be as intuitive as I think: the comic strips that appear on the front page of this site and that are linked from the primary, active archive are displayed one panel per page, or one frame per screen. There are links above the panel on each page for navigating to the other panels in the same comic strip, links for navigating through all the comic strips in production order (i.e., the order I posted them here), and links for navigating though all the comic strips in chronological order (i.e., the order in which they happen, which is different from production order).

There are three rows of links immediately above the cartoon panel on each page. The top row is for Production Order: "next" takes you to the cartoon I posted after this one, "previous" takes you to the cartoon I posted before this one - on the index page "next" and "last" can be active links only for a rerun. The center row, the one with the links in boxes, is for Panel Order within the same cartoon: "next" takes you to the page of the panel after the one you see, "previous" takes you back to the page of the panel you saw before this one - if "next" and "last" are inactive then you're on the final or only panel and there'll be my signature at the bottom right. The bottom row is for Chronological Order: "next" takes you to the cartoon set immediately after this one, "previous" takes you to the cartoon set immediately before this one.

The later comic strips on the original, kind of quasi-inactive archive page are also in panel-per-page format, but the links on those pages are all in one row and do not have chronological order links. The purpose of creating the new primary active archive in August of 2014 was to create a class of the comic strips on this site, including many of the old ones (more and more as time goes on) but also all new ones going forward, in a new linking format with all the navigation features that I came to wish these comic strips had had all along. I think I've made it as intuitive as possible, and if I'm wrong I'm sorry. However, a year on, I'm not about to revise it any more. My HTML skills date to about 1997 and changing the format, as I actually have done two or three times since August, means individually reediting all the files. But now there are over two hundred of them and it's no longer a practical option.


For this Lent I'm giving up putting the Doctor in triangle fanfiction. On the one hand, the Doctor's my favorite, and the cartoons' usual authorial voice; and the TARDIS is the literal and literary device which has facilitated the crossovers in my fanfiction since I discovered the show. Also, did I mention, favorite. On the other hand, the cartoons have established Buffy's gang and Guinan as crossover ennablers also, and other characters like Starfleet officers and superheroes could contrive means to do so at need as well. So I'd be denying myself Doctor Who-specific jokes but not the primary premise of the cartoons, the crossovers.

That's a reasonable trial, and it might drive me to develop Guinan's and the scoobies' places in the cartoons in a way that doesn't happen normally when I have the Doctor to reflexively fall back on. Certainly this week's all-Buffy run suggests that's true.

Similarly, if I should come up with a joke about, say, Daleks that I really can't bear not to run right away, instead of the Doctor I could for a change plumb the casts of one of the Doctor Who spinoffs, Sarah Jane Adventures or Torchwood. Or the spinoffs that started development and only got a pilot or not even that, K-9 And Company or Rose Tyler: Defender Of The Earth or Terry Nation's American Daleks. Or even the spinoffs that won't ever happen, The Paternoster Gang or 13 Bannerman Road or Torchwood Two or Love & Guns In The 51st Century or Keeping Up With The Joneses or Yes Lord President or ... Maybe that's defeating the purpose. Though seriously I think SJA and Torchwood are fair game.


You may have noticed that old cartoons are added to the archive index here with frequency, from the old Hero of Three Faces continuity or from my old website. Sometimes that's because I've thought of an old favorite that ought to be here. Sometimes it's because I want there not to be only one cartoon linked for a particular franchise featured in a new cartoon. Often it's because I can't think of a new gag to fill a chronology gap; about as often, or more often, as there is a new gap-filling gag, I think. Often enough that I've given up trawling the old archives looking for old favorites making sure I don't miss any, because I'm confident enough that the ones that deserve to find their way here eventually shall.

But I mostly bring it up in case you haven't noticed but would be interested.


Spent the afternoon on the current list of old continuity cartoons to be added to the new continuity. If you were alerted to this new entry here by the index page link going all unclicked-color, you'll find some links of the same color on the archive page.


The conversion is complete. And this is absolutely, positively the last time I'm revising all six dozen (as of now) active cartoon HTML pages on this site at once. At least it better be.


The Hero of Three Face is going to switch back to the panel-per-screen format it had for the past few years, from the slideshow format it's had for the last few months.

I'm afraid I've decided I just don't like the slideshow format. It might be because I don't like the extra work it presents to me as a creator, or it might be because I don't like the loss of pacing control it presents to me as a reader. But I suspect it's a significant factor in my low production rate since the new season started in August. (Not the only factor. As chronicled this year in Creative Process I've suffered a major personal loss as well. If Three Faces production doesn't pick back up after the conversion to page-per-screen is implmented, I'll be disappointed but not surprised.) And there's been no reader feedback for or against (which, on the bright side, probably means people haven't been having trouble keeping up reading the dialog).

The reason I did Arthur, King of Time and Space as a comic strip instead of as a novel (or a novel series) was because I tried doing it as a novel and realized I wasn't working to my strength. So this is me realizing The Hero of Three Faces isn't an animated cartoon. Oh, well; there was only one way to find out.

Over the next time period of however long it takes, I'm going to convert the six dozen or so cartoons currently listed on the new archive page onto page-per-screen HTML pages, but with the new style production order/chronological order links. I've just made the decision to do this, so I haven't even redesigned the page-per-screen page format, so I don't know how long this will take. I thought of just giving new cartoons from now on panel-per-screen pages, and uploading the replacement pages as they're done, but if the new menu is way different that could turn really confusing for someone doing an archive trawl. There may or may not be new triangle cartoons until the conversion is complete and all pages uploaded. (However, if you've missed my line drawing as much or more than I have, I've started a "side blog" at Tumblr for fannish line sketches that you can check out at linearttime.)


Looking at Three Faces production over the past few weeks and wondering whether the slideshow format was a mistake. And what it would take to fix (probably converting all slideshow format pages to the old panel per screen format), and how long the decision whether to do that can wait before that’s too big a job to be done any more. Maybe this was just the wrong time to take on a new format, on top of the major transition in my personal life. Or maybe it’s only exactly what I said in this week’s Creative Process, that this month all my time and energy has been sucked away by commuting by bus instead of car. The next few weeks should tell.
condensed from a Tumblr entry yesterday


When I started the slideshow format at The Hero Of Three Faces I also made a pledge to myself. I would attempt to provide equal-ish exposure to all the screenworks I draw about or would like to draw about, as well as to the full screen histories of long-lasting favorites. I would look in my spreadsheet and monitor where are the biggest gaps in the current chronological archive, and set a cartoon at the center of the biggest existing gap at least as often as every second cartoon. In practice what I’ve ended up doing, so far, is not to write gags especially for gap centers, at least not always. Sometimes it does work out that way, sometimes the gap gets a generic gag that could go to almost anyone or any time, sometimes the gap gets only a sketch.

(Sketches, by the way, are included in slideshow format continuity though in previous Three Faces formats they were outside continuity. I mean for them to be used as chronology landmarks: depicting screensource events so that, scattered through a chronological order archive reading, they help keep the reader oriented to when the regular gags are set against the objective calendar. We'll see whether it works out that way.)

And today I've, for the first time since the new archive debuted, added to the new archive a cartoon from the old archive, as I said in this space when the new archive debuted I occasionally would; and I've done it to fill a chronology gap. I've done it with a gag from a list I'd started of old gags I'd still like to import to the new archive, but I picked one that could fill the current largest gap. I did it that way because I'd expressly stated earlier that new conversions from the old archive wouldn't appear on the index page as updates, and because the largest gaps in the chronology right now all seem to be from the same part of the same decade; and I thought it might be a strain on me to come up with a lot of new gags about the mid-80s and a strain on you to read them.

So mostly this is a heads up that (as I wrote before) there will sometimes be old cartoons newly appeared on the archive which, as such, don't alert you to their presence by appearing on the front page.

Edit: Also I have removed the dead link to the Talk About Comics free Arthur, King of Time and Space/Hero of Three Faces BBE forum from all slideshow format pages, and added a link to the Hero of Three Faces Tumblr instead. Since I never learned any website coding much beyond HTML this entailed editing and reuploading about four dozen files and nothing like it is likely to ever happen again. That's why notice that this page was edited with this entry appears, and notice of future entries on this page will appear, only on the link on the index page.


"Picasso said the greatest artist was the one who could draw three lines and make a bull. That's what you do - you give us life in three lines." Carl Reiner to Charles Schulz, 1975
I started drawing a cartoon a day on April 19, 1976 when I was sixteen and a sophmore in high school. It was what webcomic culture now calls a journal comic: depicting the cartoonist, his real life buddies, and some invented characters dealing with issues ranging from everyday frustrations to dark lords with spacefleets. This being some twenty years before the internet, I carried them around in a blue three-ring binder and people read them at school and at parties. They lasted about two decades, with occasional hiatuses. Not, for a long time, into the internet age; because I can't maintain interest in daily journal comics without a large local reader base to draw into them, which I haven't had since the last time I changed cities.

I first wrote and had published Star Trek fanfiction in the early 70s and Doctor Who fanfiction in the early 80s. Several stories featured the Enterprise crew or the Doctor crossing to other "fiction-planes" to visit other favorite tv characters. Fanfiction characters frequently appeared in my daily blue binder cartoons as well, starting April 22, 1976 with a strip featuring Hawkeye and B.J. from M*A*S*H. About 1990 I self-published a fanzine of Doctor Who crossover cartoons and one of a Star Trek: The Next Generation novella. About 1992 I self-published a video (VHS) Star Trek and Doctor Who fanzine made up of animated cartoons created on an Amiga 500; for other, unpublished animations I had created a drawing style I called "triangle caricatures" to simplify character design.

When I first got on the internet in 1995, I decided (in the single decision of my life I'd go back and reverse if I could) working in graphics instead of prose wasn't supported well enough to be practical for a daily or weekly feature. My fanfiction postings and my website were text-only till 1999. My first internet fanfiction comic strips were serializations of stories I'd started outlining while still working in prose, but once I ran out of outlines mid-2000 I reverted to stand-alone panel gags. 1995 to 2005 my prose and cartoon fanfiction was posted or advertised, respectively, on Usenet; and archived on a website of my own. In 2001 when I spent a few months without a scanner, I updated the Amiga 500 triangle caricature style from the previous decade in order to draw fanfiction comic strips in MSPaint, and I like the style enough (despite complaints and even insults) that my fanfiction cartoons have been done that way ever since.

In 2004 inspired by such online comics as Megatokyo and PvP, I started Arthur, King of Time and Space as a conventional daily webcomic; for "conventional" read "wholly my own intellectual property". I chose the Arthurian corpus because it's the one set of characters I love best which doesn't fall under someone else's copyright. One of the things AKOTAS has taught me is that I do, after all, get my best inspiration and satisfaction working with characters that do happen to fall under someone else's copyright. This is just fine with me, actually, since I believe in the worth of fanfiction to a degree that going into it here would fling this history off its subject. In 2005, consequent of the demands of AKOTAS, triangle fanfiction adopted a part-panel-gag-part-sketch format. Where in prose and panel gag fanfiction crossovers I’d always aligned different shows’ chronologies by production date, in sketches I prorated the chronologies (see diagrams below). In 2007 when new triangle fanfiction started appearing at the free hosting at (for the first time under the title The Hero of Three Faces), panel gags also took on prorated chronology; and, in a major continuity change, instead of all shows existing in the same timeline or universe as they’d done since 1995, now each show lived on its own fiction-plane which the space/time-traveling characters crossed between. In 2010 and 2011 triangle fanfiction converted back to production date crossover chronology; also, now hosted as a subdirectory at AKOTAS, it permamently adopted the single-panel-per-screen website format that I had already experimented with occasionally, and continued to fiddle with offline.

I finally succumbed to my wife's requests for an online revival of my journal comic, so I could put our grandchildren into it, at the beginning of 2012. It went on the AKOTAS site under the weekly title Creative Process, because I suspected it would be at least as much about the process of drawing my other two webcomics. (In fact our grandchildren have yet to appear.)

While I haven't drawn a cartoon every day since 1976, there've been many days I've drawn more'n one, even when they were on paper; and I choose to believe it averages out.

In early 2014 I noticed that my online fanfiction has a tendency to reboot itself in format and/or continuity at five year intervals: I first got online in 1995, and elected to put out serialized fanfiction in prose instead of cartoons. By 1999-2000 my internet fanfiction was coming out in comic strips rather than prose. 2004-2005 was when AKOTAS started and fanfiction triangles switched to part-sketch format with prorated chronology and multiple fiction planes. About 2010 was the switch back to realtime chronology, and the switch to panel-per-screen format.

By 2014 I had refined the panel-per-screen format quite a bit into a slideshow type of format, though without actually implementing it on the website, and wanted to be working on a project incorporating all my ideas all across every cartoon in the project. Converting the whole Three Faces site to date with more than nine hundred and fifty cartoons would have been a very long-term project, when all I’ve ever learned of website coding is HTML I picked up in 1997, enhanced here and there by code I've searched for on the internet such as the slideshow code. Then I noticed the five-year pattern and realized some new version of Three Faces was due shortly already. So as of cartoon baaa - the thousandth cartoon, coming out of the 2014 annual summer hiatus - The Hero of Three Faces is building an entirely new continuity in crossovers and in the new slideshow format. We will find out how much of pre-baaa continuity will carry over as we go along.

The nature of the relationship between the chronologies of the properties appearing in Hero of Three Faces story cartoons changed as of cartoon aapv, as described in cartoon aapv. Until cartoon aapv, properties' timelines in The Hero of Three Faces related as in this diagram:

After aapv, as in this diagram:

So here's the latest reboot/reformat of my online fanfiction. The new slideshow format brings the comic strips that much closer to being the animated cartoons that I'd be making instead if I had the time, resources, and vocal talent; animation being, after all, what triangle caricatures were created for. There are some other navigation innovations besides the disappearance of the no-longer-needed next- and previous- panel links; i.e., navigation by both production order and chronological order. A few dozen pre-cartoon-baaa Three Faces are already on the new archive page so that the new format wouldn't begin with an empty archive.

All the old pages are still here. At first I planned for new cartoons to continue appearing on panel-per-screen format pages also, until over the summer I began working ahead and realized how prohibitively much more work continuing panel-per-screen format too would be. At least until or unless I decide the new format is what's too much work. But each format's archive has a link to the other. However, because the continuity on the new archive page supercedes the old continuity, there will be no more updates to the chronological index on the old archive page. Nor will there be any more updates to the old-format Special Indices pages (except the Arthur, King of Time and Space page because the website main index links to it), because the new archive also indexes the cartoons on it by franchise. But the Cast Page will continue to update as it has been doing. If and when I convert any more oldies, they'll show up in the new archive but not as regular updates on the index, so if you want to keep up you'll have to check back (new reprints would always appear among the other pre-baaa at the top of the production order archive, and as new never-activated links if you haven't cleared your browser history).

Since I was sixteen, all I ever really wanted was to draw a cartoon every day and have people all over the world read them. I have that. I have all I ever really wanted.

Thanks for reading.

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